Tarts & Pies


Specialty Tarts


Signature Lemon Tart
— Luxurious lemon flavor on a light shortbread crust and dusted with icing sugar.

Brown Sugar Tart
— Just like that “Tarte au Sucre” that your mother made.

Specialty Tart Prices:
9″ — $18
4″ — $6/tart (minimum order of four)
Yum Sweet Yum Lemon Pie

Fruit Tarts


Peach Curd & Blueberry
— Layer of peach curd with fresh peaches and blueberries.

Peach Crumble
— Fresh peaches roasted with blueberries. Topped with an oat, cinnamon crumble.

Roasted Apple & Maple
— Apple roasted in a skillet with local maple syrup.

Apple Crumble
— Cinnamon and apple topped with crunchy granola, what could be better?

Spiced Mango & Peach
— A combination of refreshing sweet fruit with a hint of heat.

White Chocolate & Strawberry
— White Chocolate cream cheese base topped with strawberry coolie and fresh cut strawberries. White chocolate curls and a Pate Sucre crust make a perfect combination for this tart.

Key Lime Tart
— A creamy tart with a bold taste of lime on a flaky pate sucre.

Fruit Tart Prices:
9″ — $24
4″ — $7/tart (minimum order of four)
Yum Sweet Yum Tarts
Yum Sweet Yum Pies


Other Tarts


Chocolate Truffle
— Rich truffle filling on a chocolate cookie crumb base. Available in plain or raspberry.White Chocolate Truffle with Cranberry & Pumpkin Seeds
— Rich white chocolate truffle with sweet and crunchy splashes of flavor.Bourbon Pumpkin
— If you like pumpkin pie, then why not pumpkin pie with some Bourbon. A smooth filling with a little kick.

Toffee Tart
— A rich shortbread layer topped with creamy soft toffee and drizzled with white and semi-sweet chocolate.

— Chocolate cookie base, topped with a creamy custard filling and semi-sweet chocolate crunchy top. Plain or Mint.

Brownie Cream Cheese Tart
— Super moist brownie flavor filled with chocolate ganache.

Other Tart Prices:
9″ — $28
4″ — $10/tart (minimum order of four)tar2




Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie
— The perfect combination of tart and sweet, a classic combination in a cream cheese flaky crust.Peach Pie
— Cream Cheese flaky crust filled with fresh peaches that has soaked in sugar or maple syrup. Juices are then reduced to concentrate the flavor.Apple Pie
— Another classic fruit pie. Only made with seasonal apples and aromatic spices.

Pumpkin Pie
— Silky texture and wonderful pumpkin flavor with a hint of cinnamon in a basic flaky crust.

Pie Prices:
Seasonal fruit pies starting at $20

Yum Sweet Yum Tarts and Pies

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