Bite Sized



Lemon Squares
Butterscotch & Coconut Squares
Toffee Squares
Cheescake (Strawberry or Pumpkin)
Brownie Squares
Double Decker Brownies (Brownies with Chocolate Chip Cookie on top)
Brown Sugar Squares
Butter Tart Squares
Nanaimo Squares (Regular or Mint)

Price for Squares:
Starting at $3.00/square.
Minimum order of nine of one variety.


Baked Donuts

Cinnamon Sugar
Maple Glazed
Maple & Bacon

Price for Donuts:
$30/dozen with one flavor per dozen.



Lemon Strawberry
Double Chocolate

Price for Biscotti:
$15/dozen with one variety per dozen.


Other Bite Sized Desserts

Cinnamon Rolls & Fruit Twists

Butter Tarts – Regular, Raisin, Maple
Pie Pops — Mini Pies on a Stick (Strawberry, Blueberry, or Apple)

Cinnamon Rolls & Fruit Twists: $30/dozen

Butter Tarts: $30/dozen
Pie Pops: $4.00/pop with a minimum order of six.


Orders must be placed with a minimum of two days notice.

Yum Sweet Yum Bite Sized Sweets


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